The Hydrant Directory

About the Directory

The Hydrant Directory is a free design resource created from public infrastructure. Each hydrant has been processed into color palettes for free use by artists and designers.

Color palettes are original and are placed in the public domain for use of any kind without attribution ( CC0 no rights reserved ). The hydrants themselves, however, do not belong to me. Use them with discretion and respect.

Many of the hydrants featured in the directory have been painted by residents of the neighborhoods they supply. The Hydrant Directory would not be possible without the work of street artists who bring color to our everyday surroundings.

The project began in May 2023 and was first published in March 2024.
If you find the Hydrant Directory useful, please share it with others.

For questions or requests, contact me.

Created using Polycam, Blender, Next.js
Thanks to Robert Lane, Lily Goldman, and Hazel Brenner