Smile For Me

May 2019

Steam (Windows, MacOS)

April 2023

Nintendo eShop (Switch), Playstation Store (PS 5, PS 4), Xbox Store (Xbox S|X, One)

Smile For Me is a silly multimedia point-and-click adventure game about cheering up strangers, released in May 2019.

The player finds themself in The Habitat, a get-well retreat filled with all manner of sad folk. Listen to their woes, converse by nodding and shaking your head, and hunt for clues to solve puzzles. As “The Big Event" draws near, you must help the troubled residents and de-mask the mysterious Doctor Habit... before it's too late.

First released on Steam as a mechanical experiment with little marketing, Smile For Me was reviewed 100% positive by players and became a top new release.  Smile For Me was lauded by critics and earned recognition from IGF, IndieCade, Boston Festival of Indie Games, and others.

In 2023, the game was remastered for PC and released on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox. The PlayStation and Nintendo Switch ports were accompanied by physical releases.

Smile For Me is the inaugural game by creative duo LimboLane.

You can purchase Smile For Me on Steam or at the stores listed above.