Family Style

November 2019

iPhone, Android

Family Style is a frantic cooperative mobile game for 2-8 devices, developed by Team Chef Party and released for iPhone and Android in 2019.

Players arrange their phones in a circle and slide ingredients offscreen to give them to their left or right neighbors. As the orders come in, pass ingredients around the table to get them to the chef who needs them most. The more levels your team survives, the faster the clock and the tougher the recipes. Be careful not to let your screen fill with food!

Day Lane was responsible for the concept and core mechanic of Family Style, as well as art style, difficulty progression, and in-game assets. She stepped away from the project shortly before release to focus on her work at Limbolane.

The core mechanic of Family Style was heavily inspired by Spaceteam (made by Henry Smith) and the Spaceteam card game by Stellar Factory.